Save time, energy, emotions


Receive the money at once on your card, if your flight is delayed or canceled.

You will receive 3 000₽ automatically every hour after 2 hours delay.
If the flight is canceled you will receive 15 000₽

How it works


This concerns all, who is flying or going to fly


The flight delay is checked by itself


The payment is done at once, you will forget about communication with your insurance company.


All you have to do is relax and enjoy

Why is it reasonable

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency for January 2019, more than 1 500 flights are delayed every month in Russia

  • Minimum actions to get paid
  • Completely online - no documents
  • No interaction with insurance company
  • The payment is done automatically and at once
  • The money is on your card, you can spend it right away
  • Get your benefit from every hour of delay

Check, how much is such a pleasure




You can spend the money right away at the airport.


If your flight is delayed for a long period, you can book an upgraded room.


You can buy another flight ticket, not to wait for your departure.


Yes, I was pleasantly surprised how your service works! When I bought a policy, I thought it was most likely a "divorce", but the cost is not big and i thought: "I will take a chance". By the time of the flight, I already forgot about it :) Therefore, a message from the service that came while the plane was still in the air! - caused surprise and joy! (I insured my wife’s flight; I met her in St. Petersburg myself). And still I didn’t believe .... I carefully re-read everything that was written in the letter and on the site ... I tensed up when I asked for the bank card information :))) specially, I took the card with zero balance! So that the money is not stolen;) In general, I did not believe to the last, that I will receive money! But, I received the money :)) Thank you so much for your service! Growth and prosperity!

Andrey Kostyunin

Thank you for the wonderful service, it really makes the world a better place) It was the most gorgeous delay in my life. For two hours, a policy for a family of four received 12k! And this is real instantly: i got SMS with a link and the money is already in the account! Fantastic! No pieces of paper! This is wonderfull😁 Thank you so much for this service, I am yours forever 😍

Best regards,
Zaitseva Natalia


Yes Yes Yes! I took advantage of this proposal. I went to Montenegro and taked out insurance against flight delay))) it went ideally there, but our return flight was delayed back by 4 hours and I was transferred 27,000 rubles for three tickets)))) and transferred promptly, first 18 thousand for the first three hours, and then another 9 thousand in the fourth hour)) I found out about this even before take-off and this greatly improved my mood))) of course, I will make further insurance there, which I advise to everyone)

Elena Zykova


I can’t keep silent))) I already wrote a review about my insurance))) it’s still nice to remember))) But now it’s not about me))) I told сolleagues at work about successful and quick payment, everyone nodded, but one colleague, flying to Cyprus, remembered about my story and took out insurance)))) and bingo)) a delay of a return flight for two hours!!, 6 thousand rubles refunds for two tickets, they were waiting for her on landing in Moscow)) but some friends flew the same flight didn’t take out such insurance ((and just lost two hours of time. Therefore, I advise everyone with all my heart) insure your flights. If you'll arrive on time, ok, but if there is a flight delay, it will be less unpleasant)

Elena Zykova

Have questions?

Which flights can be insured?

regular flights of major Russian airlines are available now. We are currently working on improving the product and we plan to expand the list of available airlines.

What risks are covered by my policy?

The program covers the risks of delayed departure and cancellation of the flight. The amount of payment depends on the time of flight delay. In case of flight cancellation, you receive immediately the full amount of insurance coverage.

Do I need an original policy and how can I get it?

Your policy is conducted in electronic contract form. It is sent to you by the e-mail. If you didn't receive it, please contact +7 (495) 215-11-98.

How to pay the insurance contract?

The contract is paid by plastic card. All the transactions are secured and encrypted.

How do you know that my flight is delayed?

We receive flight status data online from the specialized independent sources. The system is connected to several verified data providers to ensure the continuity of data processing.

I received information from you, but did not receive any money?

Do not worry, usually money transfer is complete within an hour. If this did not happen, contact your bank. If this did not work, please call +7 (495) 215-11-98.

How the claim is transmitted?

The claim payment is done automatically to the plastic card indicated by you.

What should I do if I incorrectly filled my data when buying the policy?

Please call +7 (495) 215-11-98.

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